What’s the event about…

If you are serious about migrating to Australia or New Zealand, you should attend our workshop which will guide you through the process of determining your eligibility, establishing your options, and explaining the steps to make it a reality.

This event is for skilled migrants, parents, partners, students, for people who already have visas and need jobs, or those who want to learn how to migrate to Australia or New Zealand.  You will walk away with the tools and knowledge to make the biggest move of your life a success.

It doesn’t matter if you are at the start of your journey, or ready to fly down under, this workshop is for you! Read More

During the day there will be:

☼   Australia and New Zealand workshops on/for:

  • Skilled migration options;
  • Specific occupations;
  • Parents looking to join their children;
  • Those in a relationship with an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident;
  • Students;
  • Working holidays; and
  • Children.

☼   Relocation experts to discuss your specific needs for Migrating to Australia and New Zealand:

  • Moving your possessions;
  • Taking your pets;
  • Setting up a bank account;
  • Transferring your money;
  • Pension transfer; and
  • Private Health Insurance. See our Exhibitors here

☼   Trades Recognition Skill Assessing Authorities to discuss their requirements to confirm you meet Australian standards for the Australian Skills Assessment.

☼    Lessons on the English test which is required for Australian skilled visas.

☼    Employers to discuss their job opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

☼    Food and drink (soft drinks and a bar) available throughout the day.

☼    Children’s area with face painting and Australian / New Zealand themed activities.


You choose which workshops you take part in; check out the schedule below.  We have 2 large rooms where experts in their specialist field will be presenting. When you’re not in a workshop, talk to the relocation experts, grab some food, or unwind with a beer and meet other migrants who are making the move down under.

We even have a workshop session on how to pass the English Exam!

This event is child friendly. Besides having their own area for play (managed by child care specialists), there will be a workshop session for them to ask questions such as what are schools like in Australia; how to make friends; great places to visit; and what is life like growing up in Australia?

This is not for those who are “just thinking about it”. This is for people who are genuinely interested in making the move.

We look forward to meeting you there!


Where & When (TBC)

The next Migration Workshop is currently being planned and we will be confirming the next date and location soon!

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£15 for single
£20 for double
£25 for family

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Job Opportunities

Below is a sample of jobs we have available:

  • Carpenter, QLD
  • Secondary Teacher, ACT
  • General Practitioner, VIC
  • Social Worker, WA
  • Registered Nurse, NZ North
    $60,000 – $65,000
View All Job Opportunities here


Please note that the timings and agenda for these workshops may be subject to change. Ticket holders will receive an email one week prior to the event with the exact timetable. On arrival you will receive a physical timetable schedule.

The Archives Room

10.30 - G'day! Kia Ora!

Overview and timetable for the day. Australia and New Zealand lifestyle.

10.50 How to Migrate Workshop – Skilled Occupations (AUS)

Overview of the Skilled Migration Programme and how to determine your eligibility.

11.20 - How to Ship your Belongings (AUS/NZ)

PSS International Removals will cover:

  • Why is Australia and New Zealand so strict on certain items and what can’t we take?
  • When is the best time to make contact with a removal company?
  • Why have a home or video survey?
  • How are the shipping cost calculate and what do they include?
  • Is it worth sending my car and what are the requirements and process?
  • How long does it take?
  • What if I need my tools or certain items as soon as possible?
  • Customs clearance and delivery
  • Any additional costs that may be incurred.

11.45 - Interactive English Exam Essay Writing Workshop (AUS)

English for Emigration will cover:

  • English exams explained, IELTS and PTE
  • Review of punctuation rules
  • Understanding the question asked
  • Essay writing technique and process
  • Q & A.

13.00 - How to Migrate Workshop - Tradesperson (AUS)

Covering all trades, we will explore the skill assessing process, how to calculate your points, GAP training and the visa subclasses available to you.

13.45 - How to Make the Most of your Money (AUS/NZ)

Global Reach will cover how to make the most of your money and how to secure competitive rates.

14.15 - Kids Q'n'A (AUS)

A Q’n’A focused on answering the questions from your children. Kids have plenty of questions about schooling, making new friends and the lifestyle in Australia for kids and teens.

14.55 - How to find an Employer (AUS)

A presentation on how to find an employer before you arrive. Wes Zandt explains the DUC Employment Hub.

15.55- How to Migrate Workshop – Professional/IT/Other Occupations (AUS)

Understanding the skill assessing process, how to calculate your points and explore the visa subclasses available to you.

The Cellars Room

10.50 - The NZ Lifestyle and How to Achieve it (NZ)

New Zealand expert Paul Goddard will cover:

  • The NZ immigration process
  • What’s it like to live in New Zealand
  • Bringing up Children In New Zealand
  • How to secure a job offer in NZ
  • How to minimise your risks and maximise your opportunities when moving to NZ
  • How to make the move to New Zealand.

11.55 - How to Migrate Workshop - Options for Parents (AUS)

Explanation of the options available to parents of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

12.15 - How to secure a job offer before you move to NZ

New Zealand expert Paul Goddard will discuss how to secure a job offer in NZ and make the move to New Zealand!

13.05 - How to Migrate Workshop - Teachers (AUS)

Smart Teachers is a free recruitment service. We recruit for independent primary and secondary schools across Australia. Come listen to Sarah to learn about what qualifications are needed for Australian teaching registration, the likelihood of sponsorship, and what independent visas are available to teachers.

13.45 - How to Migrate Workshop – Nurses (AUS)

Explore the various options for Nurses and determining which is the best route for you and your family. Understanding AHPRA registration requirements. Chat with Health Solutions Group Australia (HGSA), one of the leading recruitment agencies for international nurses in Australia.

14.30 - Educate to Migrate (AUS)

If you don’t meet the criteria for General Skilled Migration, studying the right trade or vocational course in Australia can greatly increase your prospects of obtaining work visas for Australia. We’ll explain the 4 simple steps to follow to go from a student visa to general skilled migration.

15.15 How to Prepare your Pets for Travel (AUS/NZ)

Pets Abroad UK will cover the time, the deadlines and veterinary preparation needed, the journey ahead and then discussing how to get your pets to their new home from Melbourne Quarantine! You will also be able to have a chat with Andre the ex-Melbourne Quarantine vet.

15.45- Health Services and Private Health Insurance (AUS)

Bupa will explain how private health insurance works in Australia.

16.10 - How to Transfer your Pension to New Zealand and Beat the Taxman (NZ)

Pension Transfers NZ will cover:

  • Who can transfer their pensions to New Zealand?
  • What are the advantages?
  • When should I get advice?
  • Why should I use Pension Transfers?


Down Under Centre

The Down Under Centre specialises in Skills Assessments and Visas as well as Jobs and Relocation Services for Australia. We are a walk-in centre based in London that provides you with all your migration needs for migrating to Australia or New Zealand, starting from a free assessment all the way through to job support and relocation services.

• We will confirm your eligibility for a Visa and explain your options.
• We are the home of TRA approved skill assessing bodies and deliver practical and technical interviews for trade skills assessments direct from our venue.
• We work directly with employers to secure them English speaking skilled migrants. If you can arrive in Australia with a job offer and are job ready, it is a big result for all involved.
• We will ensure you are Australian qualified prior to arriving.

Please view our website via the link below for more on The Down Under Centre services.


PSS Removals


Australia Trade Training Centre

Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) is an Authorised TRA Skills Assessment Provider in Engineering, Hospitality, Automotive and Hairdressing. In addition ATTC is your one stop shop for all Gap Training requirements including Plumbing, Electrical & Air Conditioning. Support staff in London and Brisbane are ready to assist with your Skills Assessment and your journey “Down Under”.


Pathway to Aus

Pathways to Aus is a Registered Migration and Education Agency that has assisted over a 5,000 clients from 30 different countries migrate and study in Australia. We are a full service agency and have assisted clients in successfully applying for all types of Australian visas including employer sponsored visas, partner visas, general skilled migration visas, business visas, graduate visas and student visas.

English for Emigration

We offer our clients a free diagnostic service, prior to their personalised, tuition sessions addressing whichever aspect of the IELTS or Pearson PTE exam is causing them concern.

We deliver specialised, IELTS and Pearson PTE tuition, via Skype, anywhere in the UK. In this way, your English exam tuition can be undertaken with a simple click in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to yourself. In addition, feedback, guidance and support are available, up to the exam date.



Bupa Australia is the largest privately managed health insurer in the country. It is part of the global Bupa health and care group, which looks after the health needs of more than 22 million people in over 190 countries.

If you’re coming to Australia to work, study, live or visit, the last thing you want to worry about is what happens if you get sick or have an accident. As an international visitor, you may not be eligible for cover with Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system.

Bupa Australia offers a range of health insurance products specifically designed for people coming to Australia to work, study, live or visit. On some overseas visitor visas, it is a requirement that you have an adequate level of private health insurance prior to arrival before a visa will be granted. For those applying for the Subclass 482 Visa, all of Bupa Australia’s Overseas Visitor working products meet the minimum level of cover required by the the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Whatever your class of Visa, Bupa Australia has a level of cover to suit your needs, and you can join online before you arrive so you’re covered when you get here.

DUC Employment Hub

We work with Australian companies, from large to small, to deliver them skilled migrants. We allow employers to market jobs and track the migrants process.

Once you have created your DUC Employment Hub profile you will also have all the tools required for you to make the move and get settled on arrival.

All clients that sign up with the DUC Employment Hub receive a one to one Skype consultation with one of our Australian based relocation experts. During the consultation, you will learn how to maximise your personal profile. You will also gain much needed migration and settling tips from previous migrants who now dedicate their time to working with new arrivals and alleviating their stress.

Pets Abroad UK

Smart Teachers

Smart Teachers is a part of Tes, the Times Education Supplement. Smart Teachers is a free recruitment service that recruits for contracts and permanent teaching roles in independent primary and secondary schools across Australia. Originally founded in Australia in 2005, 98% of our consultants were once teachers and 100% of our consultants offer honest, accountable, and professional services that match your needs. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and London. Our London-based team are your first point of contact: your pre-departure support, offering advice on the market , assisting with teaching registration, and ‘Aus-ifying’ your CV.

Joining Smart Teachers will ensure you get access to jobs before they're advertised, as well as confidential jobs that never get advertised. We are a completely free service- no fees, no charges. Think of us as an extra pair of eyes on the ground, helping you connect with your dream job.

Global Reach

Down Under Centre NZ

The Down Under Centre New Zealand help skilled people make the move to NZ a reality by taking them through four key stages:

-Preparing for the move
-Employment support
-Visa Applications
-Relocation support

Our unique service is based on the experiences of our Director and licenced immigration adviser Paul Goddard who moved to New Zealand in 2003 with his young family.

If you want to know what it is like to make the move to NZ and how to achieve it, we want to talk to you.

Health Solutions Group Australia

HSGA is one of the leading recruitment agencies for international nurses in Australia. With 10 offices across Australia we are able to offer you the opportunity to work in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, to rural, regional and remote areas in the outback!

We are based in Australia but have offices in the UK and Ireland ensuring that there is a local team to look after you before your #nursingdownunder adventure begins!
We specialise in Working Holiday Visa work, Sponsorship and Permanent Opportunities.

Contact: Jane Cunningham - jane.cunningham@hsga.com.au

Future Skills

Future Skills International is an industry owned and operated registered training organisation. Our primary purpose is to offer skills assessments for overseas qualified electricians where applicants are seeking to migrate to Australia for work purposes, through recognising their qualifications and work experience, helping to facilitate access to an Australian electrical work licence.

Pension Transfers

Pension Transfers have been trading since 2000 and have transferred over $600 million dollars worth of pension benefits to New Zealand. We have a specialist UK pension transfer team with local UK market knowledge and make the process seamless and easy with a focus on the best customer outcome.

We will provide you with a free, no obligation, pension report, detailing your options and providing you with a recommendation so you are able to make an informed decision.

Commonwealth Bank

Australian Points Calculator

Check your eligibility for a skilled visa for Australia using our free visa points calculator

Contact us

Email: info@migrationworkshop.com

Phone: +44 (0)203 376 1555

Web: www.downundercentre.com

Address: The Down Under Centre, 48 Haven Green, Ealing Broadway, London, W5 2NX, UK

We are your one stop centre for migrating to Australia or New Zealand!

Future Events

October 2020 – Manchester

October 2020 – Manchester